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What Are Gadgets and Why Should You Care?

Although for many the term “gadget”  itself is somewhat abstract, we all use them in some form or another in our daily lives and often refer to them using  our own original terms – “thinga ma jig” or  perhaps something more creative .   For starters, I guess we should paint a clearer of picture of just what they are.

Gadgets, also known as gizmos, are objects, electronic devices, and software applications that have a particular function and are usually developed based on the latest trends and technologies.

These  “technological” objects and appliances enhance our lives by making daily task easier or more exiting and enjoyable.  To get a feel for just how much of an impact gadgets have in our lives, try imagining what life would be life without mobile communication devices such as the iPhone and all of the wonderful applications that can be used with it.

If you were to lose your mobile, would you even know your friend’s telephone numbers? I’d be in a bind. Personally, if I don’t have my mobile with me when I leave the house for work, I feel as though I am leaving the house only partially dressed.

Your indispensable gadget might not be your mobile but be assured that there is some gadget that you rely on daily and getting along without it would take some adjusting.

If you are one of the rare few who feel you don’t need any gadgets in your life,  just think about some daily task that you dread doing.  Now, think of a way that task could be made easier or more enjoyable. Now, you guessed  it, find a gadget that is suitable for the task. More than likely there is one available to meet your particular need.

A Wide Variety of Gadgets Available

Fortunately, when it comes to gadgets, there is an endless stream of new stuff hitting the market every day.  And there is practically no limit as to the variety of gadgets that you can find.

I mean there are gadgets for computers, games, phones, kitchens,  home bars, radios, solar energy, camping and outdoor, and even special categories of gadgets for geeks and men.

Gadgets 2010 Vision

The aim of this sight is to keep you informed about the many cool products that are hitting the market every day. In the form of product overviews, reviews, videos, RSS feeds, and ongoing discussions, we hope to keep you informed about the latest happenings and product releases in the world of gadgets.

Broken down by category,  are brief overviews of just some of the categories of gadgets that will be featured on this site.

Go ahead and read through the rest of our home page or, if you come across a category that is of interest to you, go ahead and click on the section header to access that section of the site.  As the site is still in development, please understand that some sections might not have a lot of content at the mo0ment. Over the next few weeks, I will be adding more and more content and features so make sure to keep stopping by to see what’s new.  Pretty soon you will be able to sign up for my alerts and get notified of new content as it gets posted.

Gadgets 2010 Site Category Overviews

Geek gadgets

I decided to start out with this category as the two terms “geeks” and “gadgets” tend to be inseparable to many. This is a sort of a broad category under which we will be placing shall I say, “more unique” or “geeky”, items.  A few such items that that would be suitable matches are  the Star Trek wetsuit and the underwater scuba mask with camera attached.

And , how about a USB powered mini fridge to make sure you always a have a cold beer within an arm’s  reach when working on your computer.  As you can tell, this section is reserved for some of the stranger items for only super geeks.

Computer Gadgets

Closely related to and somewhat intertwined with the geek family of gadgets are those related to Windows and Mac operating systems. These items come both  in the form physical item as well as software applications.

As one might guess, software gadgets function to simplify or to make the performance of computer-related tasks more enjoyable.

One such application is Clean My Mac, which does just that. It helps you clean up unwanted files, unneeded  languages, and trash  left behind by applications thus helping your computer run more safely and efficiently.

There are also sidebar gadgets, which are mini apps that allow you to perform a wide variety of computer-related task right from your desktop. Usually accessible via graphic icons on your computer desktop, these mini programs are used to gather weather and business data, stream radio over the internet, and even generate slide shows of images.

One of the most popular such application is the calendar app, which, yes, acts as a calendar.

And, for computer condition monitoring, there is a CPU temp gadget to help you monitor the temperature of your processor? Now how cool is that!

Hardware Gadgets

This category would not be complete without mentioning the various hardware gadgets that can be used with computers. At the top of the list are webcams which can enhance your online communication experience by allowing you to send visual images, in almost real time, across the internet.

Two other really popular items are USB storage devices and USB mini lamps that run off the power provided by your computer.

Electronic gadgets

This is actually a broad category under which many other categories of gadgets could fall under. I say this because basically everything nowadays relies on a source of power in order to operate. If  the product does not require electrical power, then an electronic version of that product does.

Some of the hottest items I have found through research are mini portable speakers that are perfect for use with laptop and notebook type computers. I predict these will increase even more in popularity in 2010 as they are conveniently small, require no extra power source, and are stylish looking.

Speaking of looking,  here is something  to enhance our viewing pleasure. Advances in LCD technology will bring new super thin 2.6mm thick screen viewing to the TV seen.

You can also look forward to some improved models of e-book readers equipped with batteries that can last as long as 10 days before needing a recharge. Imagine taking one of these on vacation and not having to recharge the battery the whole time.

Phone gadgets

Just when you thought they had done everything possible with regards to enhancing phone features and designs. Yes, applications for the Iphone keep on coming and one of the latest the applications is called befreeiphone. This app allows you to use your phone to access and control your desktop computer from a remote location.

Not only are there new apps for use with mobile phones, but some really cool physical design concepts are in the mix as well.

The newest creative concepts in this area involve the use of  transparency and flexibility  in designs. These attributes give newer phones a futuristic look and allow them to be bent into various forms and in some cases even be worn around one’s wrist.

Along with the development of new applications and designs for phones is an increase in the number of phone features. Slowly phones are becoming all-in-one sort of devices that will soon become multi-functional accessories with all sorts of capabilities.

Mens Gadgets

Since men tend to be the most captive audience when it comes to new gadgets, there is a category of products specifically geared towards men known as “mens gadgets” or “boys toys.” Since men tend to love sports and sports cars,  this category will feature things like portable navigation systems, tech devices, and other gizmos that are in sync with the interests of most men. Pretty much anything that will enhance a man’s sports viewing or music-listening experience, is appropriate for this section.  Some things that come to mind are head phones, boom boxes, and even portable televisions to make sure he doesn’t miss that opening kickoff of the super bowl.

Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Now let’s move on to some useful devices that moms might be more interested in. How about an automatic egg cracker with a built in separator unit? Or, perhaps,  she’d like a new automated pancake maker that makes perfect pancakes every time?

Since cutting and slicing are a common task in every kitchen, an all purpose, light weight knife designed for slicing, cutting, mincing, dicing or cutting, would be a nice gadget to have. And if you love garlic, but hate to have your hands smell like garlic days later, a garlic slicer would be a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Along the same lines is the gliding peeler that allows you to peel cucumbers and other vegetables in a matter of seconds, while eliminating the risk of you cutting yourself. These are just a few examples of the many things you can find under the latest cool kitchen gadgets category that we will be including. Let us not be confined to only the kitchen as there many gadgets made for use in other parts of the house as well.

Home Gadgets

With the growing concern about influenza and the spread of germs in general, there are numerous gadgets that are designed specifically to help put your mind at ease. One example is the germ eliminating wand. It is equipped with a UV-C light and is designed to kill 99% of mold, viruses, mites, and bacteria from different areas of your house. And, if you need protection outside your home, you can try using a potable ionic USB air purifier. This one is great for hotel use as well as in the home.

Getting away from the topic of bugs and germs, let’s move on to something more pleasant: home entertainment.  Although the flat screen TV, new speakers, and gaming system are great for entertainment, nothing seems to set the entertainment scene like a nice home bar. And to make life easier for our home bar tender, are home bar gadgets to make drink mixing and serving a more enjoyable experience.

Check out this section for these and other home-related gadgets, to include those for home security.

Camping and outdoor

And when you are not at home, at the office, or in a hotel, you are probably outdoors soaking up some sun or participating in some fun outdoor activity.  Well, fortunately are many useful gadgets for enhancing the time you spend doing  outdoors activities as well.

One popular activity, camping, is one in which camping gadgets and equipment can really come in handy.

For those of you who are into camping, I am sure you know just how burdensome it can be carrying around all that heavy camping gear.  Well to the rescue is the  Micro light silicone solo tent.

And for you family of campers, you’ll be happy to know that you can camp with the family and still have privacy.  Tents with removable separator panels make it possible for the whole family to sleep under one tent yet still maintain some degree of privacy.

Spy and Police

And since no site about gadgets would be complete without including spy-like devices, we have included a section for spy gadgets as well.

For all you James Bond, I-spy, and Inspector Gadget lovers, we’ll be featuring an assortment of cool listening, recording, image capturing, and other spy gadgets like the ones seen in movies.

Made to look like everyday objects, you can get data gathering devices in the form of pens, radios, sunglasses, and even soda pop cans. Whether you are on a mission or just having fun, these devices are sure to meet your needs.

On a more official level, even police authorities are taking a greater interest in advanced information gathering and enhancement devices that make it easier for them to perform their jobs.

One item that seems to be at the top of many police departments wish lists are the new tasers that come with mounted cameras. These are of particular interest because the added camera feature  will help in providing proof of how a device was used on a suspect.

Also hot are gadgets for video enhancement to add clarity to video captures of criminals caught on film.

Come on Inside!

Come on inside and have a look at the information and ongoing discussions we have about all sorts of gadgets from around the world.
Feel free to leave comments and make sure to come back frequently to see what is new on the site.

Since I live here in Tokyo, I plan to feature a lot of Japanese gadgets that are available in home centers and department stores across Japan. I also plan to feature a lot of goods that can be found in Tokyo’s geek capitol: Akihabara.

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